A Rowing enthusiast with a desire to see a more open dialogue within the Rowing Community.

The impetus to setup the RowingOracle blog was to provide some means of communicating Rowing issues which seem to be sidelined by the let's not upset the "apple cart brigade".

Just as in all sports there are rules & Modus Operandi, clearly many of these start out life with the very best of intentions, others however are exercised for a very different reasons & do nothing to help foster the sport of Rowing.

I became a little concerned a while back when I discovered certain practices which seem to take place all too frequently & sadly undermine an event or an Athlete & certainly do a great disservice to the many Regatta Officials that contribute hugely to the sport of Rowing.

It was with this in mind that I decided to attempt to solicit debate on such matters through a Rowing web site. I swiftly found that anything even slightly controversial was not welcome, the concern that such articles might solicit the wrath of officialdom from the Rowing Region was considered as potentially counter productive & should be avoided at all cost.

For a short period I did consider just “rolling over”, accepting that an individual was unlikely to make any progress in getting issues discussed openly within Rowing fraternity. This rather negative attitude was spawned from the perspective that many involved in the sport see absolutely no reason to change anything as they see nothing wrong.

The Blog nearly never was, but for a conversation with an individual, the conversation had actually little to do with Rowing but an article written by a very imaginative & witty colleague about Political Correctness (PC).

This article had a fleeting appearance on the Rowing web site (you might ask why a PC article should feature on a Rowing web site, I would say why not, given the PC absurdities we all face during our daily lives, not least in Rowing).

Without going into a diatribe, it would seem that there was something of a misunderstanding behind the motives of placing the article on the web site. The article was placed with one intention, to engage thought & discussion & ask some fairly obvious questions about PC & British Society, nothing more.

The individual who requested that the article be removed was persuaded (& I believe convinced) that there was no hidden agenda behind the original posting. Despite this the individual insisted that the article should not be reinstated as in their opinion it “did not contribute to the web site”.

So we had an untenable situation, an individual with certain views was mandating what should be considered acceptable for a Rowing web site. This person although part of a committee was single handedly acting as an impromptu Editor in Chief.

Interestingly a number of Committee members confided in me that they saw little wrong with the material & that indeed it had been thought provoking & should have been reinstated. As I said, I did not write this article but I decided there & then that I would kick start a blog to enable an unencumbered & hopefully vibrant discussion to take place.

I believe the “Editor in Chief” did me a great service & I vowed I would NEVER again sit on a Rowing Club Committee.

I do hope to write about many positive things I see at Regatta's & the Sport of Rowing & there ARE many, but I will also keep a watchful eye on the idiosyncrasies of the Sport.

My intentions ARE NOT to upset, undermine any person(s) involved in Rowing, it remains my attempt to generate a modicum of discussion, which just might in some small way assist the Sport move forward into the 21st Century.

Finally, I will never name an event or individual in any articles that I publish.